Achieving great things with the humble peanut

Ardess International has always been an advocate for the health conscious and the physically active. As Bell Plantation’s exclusive distributor in various territories, we are proud to introduce peanut products that have been improved through chemical-free processes to reduce their fat contents. Like all Bell Plantation products, PB2 and Chocolate PB2 are all natural, preservative free, and contain no artificial sweeteners which makes them a sweet alternative for active lifestyles, dieters, and moms who want healthy snacks for their kids. PB2 and Chocolate PB2 can be reconstituted with any liquid of choice – water, juice, etc, to make smoothies or shakes, eaten as a powder, or used in cooking and baking. PB2 is light-weight and versatile making it the perfect take-along food. It’s delicious, healthy food – good anytime and anyplace.

Bell Plantation Family of Products

As the Bell Plantation family of products continues to grow, you can count on the fact that when you buy Bell Plantation products, you are choosing flavorful healthy products that are good for you, your family, and farmers everywhere. Visit Bell Plantation's website in order to view more amazing products.

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